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Property Law (Real-Estate Law)

Floor Contracts, Urban Transformation, Expropriation, Legal and Actual Handling without Expropriation, Use and Benefit of Shared Financing.

Real estate law governs the rights and interests in real estate and real property, both commercial and residential, and provides protections for buyers, sellers, land owners, developers, contractors, and real estate agents. Legal issues include: sales, purchases, leasing and other transfers of real estate and real property; title to real property; settlement of claims against property rights; landlord-tenant issues; property development; zoning and land use; related agriculture issues and environmental compliance; financing, mortgages and foreclosures; securitized real estate investments; and various other relevant topics.

Criminal Law

We provide legal counselling on  criminal law due to notably 5237 numbered Turkish Penal Code, 5271 numbered Code of Criminal Prosedure, 5607 numbered Smuggling Code and all other national and also international conventions.

Labor Law

Responsibilities and Applications, Agreements Regarding Employee-Employer Relationships, Resolution of Disputes Arising From Labor Law

Commercial Law

Negotiable Instruments Law, Joint-Stock and Limited Companies, Company Establishment and Liquidation, Company Articles of Association, and also Capital Structuring

Enforcement & Bankruptcy Law

Debt Enforcement Proceedings regarding Court Orders, The preparation of Notary Contracts including certain acknowledgement of debt and enforcement proceedings

Foreigners Law

Foreigners Law means the full extent of regulations covering foreigners according to the Turkish Legal System and the inclusion of international laws. Residence permit, Long Term residence permit etc.

Compensation Law

Compensations derived from car, motorcycle, bike, bus and all other vehicle accidents whether as a pedestrian or passenger or driver.

Product liability compensation, public liability compensation, total and permanent disability compensation, workers compensation, recourse claim, medical negligence compensations, factory accidents compensations.

Compensation claims against state.

Civil Aviation Law

Civil Aviation Law, Airlines, Compensation in Aviation Law, Aviation Accidents & Injuries, Luggage / Baggage lost, denied boarding compensation and etc.

Family Law

Family law including marriage and divorce (also consensual divorce) adoption and paternity, division of property, custody etc.

Injury & Accident Law

Total sub-areas of accident law, brain and spinal cord etc. injuries, catastrophic car collisions, drunk driver negligence, reckless injury, work injuries, motorcycle/bike crashes, bus accidents, fatality cases, pedestrian knock down cases, ankle fractures, dog bites, and long term disability claims against large insurance companies and etc.

Contract Law

Aşıkoğlu Law Office,

provides full contract drafting and reviewing services. A good written agreement is at the heart of each and every business. When you have a contract lawyer  draft and analyze your agreements, you amplify your chances of business success and remove dozens of potential disappointments. Most business disagreements and insolvencies derive from badly drafted agreements, often based on clumsy internet downloads or homemade efforts.

We are expert of contracts such as:

Asset Purchase Agreements and Stock Purchase Agreements,

Buy-Sell Agreements and Stockholder and Investor Agreements,

Limited Partnership Agreements and Independent contractor agreements,

Employee Invention Assignment Agreements, Consultation Agreements and Licenses and Royalty Contracts,

and also Non-Competes Agreements,

Non-Disclosure Agreements and etc.

When writing a contract, it is advised to have a contract law attorney glance over the terms to make sure all parties involved understand its construction. Terms of a contract will be interpreted against the writer of the contract, so any failure to include specifics will be resolved against the contract drafter.

Other Practice Areas

And also we provide legal counselling on these law practice areas:
Administrative Law
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Appellate Litigation
Children’s Law / Juvenile Justice
Civil Rights / Civil Liberties
Communications Law
Conservative Public Interest Law
Corporate Law
Education Law
Environmental Law
Government Contracts
Health Law
Housing Law/Community Economic Development
Immigration Law
Information Technology Law
Intellectual Property Law
International Trade Law
International Development
International Human Rights
Legal Services
Mergers and Acquisitions
Prisoners’ Rights
Privacy Law
Real Estate Law
Sports/Entertainment Law
Tax Law
Trusts and Estates Law
White Collar Crime
Women’s Rights